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Aloud Snow Skates 
Proudly bringing you the newest technology in

All-Mountain Snowskating from Breckenridge, Colorado. Every detail about our snow skates has been thought-over and perfected over the last 5 years.


The Top Deck has an hour glass shape with high concave, making it easier to take sharper and wider turns. A double pitched nose and tail helps with popping the ski off the ground or off any jump. We also occasionally offer a limited edition deck, with multiple different shapes and features.

The Trucks have a custom skateboard bolt pattern. Wider base plates help distribute the pressure applied to the deck from doing large airs or drops, making our decks harder to break. Our trucks have a horizontal kingpin, allowing them to pivot towards the nose and tail and giving maximum pop.

The Skis were designed after years of testing dozens of other brands skis, not only snow skate skis. Our ski's are built to respond accurately to the pressures applied to the board. They have "early" rise on the nose and tail, increasing pop and also assisting you while trekking thru deeper snow.

To learn more about our advanced technology

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